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Google’s new favicon – what do you think?

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I’m sure that many of you noticed that Google has a new favicon. On their blog, you can find an anouncement aboutthis change. At the end of the article, the VP of the Search Products and User Experience department writes:

“We hope you like the new favicon, which nicely integrates all of our original criteria: distinctive in shape, noticeable, colorful, timeless, and scalable to other sizes.”

Google's favicons

Google's favicons

Well, I’m not an expert in design, but … it’s just me, or this new design is far away from Google’s “original criteria” as it is perceived by us, the users. Is’nt Google about simplicity, and eficienty? Think about their website. Can you describe it as being “colorful”? Is this somehow complex and color-packed favicon a fit symbol for Google? What do you think?

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Written by nongeekboy

January 10, 2009 at 11:55 am


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