Ubuntu 9.04 codename: Jaunty Jackalope

As we approach the launch of Ubuntu 8.10, it’s time to create space for

future plans, and so I’m writing to introduce you to The Jaunty Jackalope.

Jaunty, the code name for what will most likely become Ubuntu 9.04, will

be the focus of our efforts from November through to April next year.

This is the message that Mark Shuttleworth sent it yesterday announcing the codename of the april 2009 Ubuntu release.
What are some of the major goals for these release? Mark stated:

There are some specific goals that we need to meet in Jaunty. One of
them is boot time. We want Ubuntu to boot as fast as possible – both in
the standard case, and especially when it is being tailored to a
specific device. The Jackalope is known for being so fast that it’s
extremely hard to catch, and breeds only when lightning flashes. Let’s
see if we can make booting or resuming Ubuntu blindingly quick.

Another goal is the the blurring of web services and desktop
applications. “Is it a deer? Is it a bunny? Or is it a weblication – a
desktop application that seamlessly integrates the web!” This hare has
legs – and horns – and we’ll be exploring it in much more detail for

Read the original message here.

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2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.04 codename: Jaunty Jackalope

  1. I personally am looking forward to the Jackelope! Unlike years before when I used the MS platform, I actually dreaded any upgrades as I feared the problems it may cause. I havent had the same issues with Ubuntu, and am quick to upgrade.

    Nice site btw , its always nice to find blogs supporting the open source cause.

  2. Well, I’m always waiting a few weeks before upgrading to a new release. It’s a measure of precaution. Any way, I’m very curious to see what will Jackelope be like.
    I’m glad that you like my site. Thanks for your comment.


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