10 must-have Linux (and not only) cheat-sheets

Need a quick reference card? Here you have a list you can choose from:

1.Linux Command Line Tips

This is a linux command line reference for common operations (HTML format).

2.Unix/Linux Reference Card

Linux Reference Card published on  FOSSwire website by Jacob. (PDF format)

3.One Page LInux Manual

A summary of useful Linux command by Squadron. (PDF format)

4.Linux Security Quick Reference

The intent of this Quick Reference Guide is to provide a starting point for improving the security of your system, to serve as a pointer to more in-depth security information, and to increase security awareness and methods that can be used to improve security. (PDF format)

5. Screen Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet summarizes all they default keyboard mappings, with screen’s commands to execute the mapping and a description of each mapping. (PDF format)

6.Ubuntu Cheat Sheet 

There comes a time when one needs an end-all reference to the system. The time is now, and if you’re an Ubuntu user  you’ll like this cheat sheet. (PDF format)

7.VIM Graphical Cheat Sheet 

Probably the best Vim Cheat Sheet: “This is a single page describing the full vi/vim input model, the function of all keys, and all major features. You can see it as a compressed vi/vim manual. ” (GIF format)

Read more >> (Update: the link is down. I’m sorry)

37 thoughts on “10 must-have Linux (and not only) cheat-sheets

  1. I enjoy cheat sheets to, that’s way I wrote this poste. I’m glad you like it. I hope you’ll find useful my next post that I will publish friday 😉

  2. @Zico
    Thank you. I’m very glad to see that you, and other people really like my posts. That’s why I will not stop. Thanks again Zico!

  3. Честно, давно не читал статью сразу и полностью, не отрывался даже на сообщения из аси. Надеюсь продолжение будет не менее интересным…

  4. Pingback: interest only
  5. Have to love handy reference cards. I mean who really has the time to remember all of this 🙂

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